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"Playing Fox Under a Crescent Moon" by Robert J. Moore, JR. glossy card stock 11x14


I did not know Nathan Crowson personally. I came to know him through the pain and anguish suffered by his brother Matthew after Nathan's passing. I remember the story Matt once relayed to me about Nathan riding his bike and seeing the family of foxes playing in the moonlight. That experience with the foxes inspired Nathan to create his iconic painting "The Fox and The Crescent".

I painted "Playing Fox Under a Crescent Moon", acrylic on canvas, because I was inspired by this story of love and compassion that Nathan felt for the fox family he encountered that evening. I used imagery with a connection to his story and his legacy with my own personal interpretation of his original. The ghost bike flying over the moon was the final touch, giving Nathan a presence in this creation forever.

-Robert "Poppy" Moore, Jr. 



[ I give permission to Matthew Crowson and Crescentandfox.com to use this original painting for reproduction and retail sale.]

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RM 1 11x14.jpg
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