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"Nate's Ghost Bike" by Ella Desmond, satin photo paper 12"x12"


Ella Desmond created this beautiful print from a picture of Nathan's Ghost Bike taken just days after his death. We were lucky enough to get her permission to make a limited run of prints from her original. 

"Nate's Ghost Bike" is slightly out of focus. The bright and colorful flowers contrasted by the eerily painted white bicycle, captured the gravity of this monument. As if you are standing there, with tears in your eyes, trying to appreciate the beauty and regret that only leaves you overwhelmed.

A great artist, and a wonderful friend, Ella created something truly magical when she made this print. And we are honored to share it with you.


[ I give permission to Matthew Crowson and Crescentandfox.com to use this original painting for reproduction and retail sale.]

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12x12 ED1.jpg