Nate's Ghost Bike

6160 Perkins Road, B.R., LA 70808

      Nathan Crowson was a father, artist, musician, and bicycle magician. He was killed by a drunk driver on January, 21, 2012 while riding his bicycle. His family and friends do not want the world to remember Nate as a picture, a story, or worse yet, a statistic. We want him to be remembered for being extraordinary. So we created CrescentandFox to share Nate’s art and his story.

      After Nate was killed, his friends made stickers of his painting "The Fox & The Crescent". They gave those stickers to Nate's family and friends, and we shared them with more people. People began placing these stickers in amazing locations when they traveled. We now receive pictures of his stickers from all over the world. His daughter Kat sees these pictures and understands how amazing and special her father was to so many people.

     October 2016, we decided to go bigger with our plans. We spent countless hours creating Crowson Works, LLC, getting a tax ID number, filing trademark paperwork, building a website, making new merchandise with Nate's art, etc. We have also been working with contributing artists that are making their own interpretation of "The Fox & The Crescent". The word is out. People are getting involved!

     We are working towards the formation of our non-profit organization that will speak to children and the community about the perils of driving under the influence. My childhood friend is a safety manager at the oil plants. He already uses our story, along with government information, to teach his workers in his safety briefings. We are doing more research to expand on his classes. We plan to create our own teaching manuals and resources so others can speak to their communities, as well. 

      Soon we will be educating children about the perils of driving under the influence. Just five years after Nate’s death and our movement to save lives is underway!