Partners & Suppliers 

The following companies are responsible for all the great merchandise and services. This is our way of saying thank you and giving back to them.

[Listed in alphabetical order]


ARC Document Solutions, NOLA

Store Manager Allen Reed and his great team at ARC Document Solutions, NOLA provide us with all of our limited prints.  They work fast and offer high quality print work at great prices. We are honored to have their support and services.


Dream Silk Screens

Recently, we joined forces with a wonderful, local business in Baton Rouge. Dream Silk Screens provides us with special shirts for long distance runners. We hope to order many more of their products in the near future. Here at C&™ we say, any chance you get... GO LOCAL! 


Hero Patches

Frank Lucas at Hero Patches works fast and hard to make our beautiful C&™ patches.  High quality, great prices, and fantastic customer service. We love their products!



Many Louisiana and National representatives of MADD were extremely supportive during the court case. Their support gave our families the strength to carry on fighting. They attended every court date. Answered every phone call and email. Now we just want to give back to them. Our sincerest thanks.


Sticker Mule

Some of Nathan's best friends have been using Sticker Mule for years to print up his art work. We thought it only fitting to continue to work with this great company once we created C&™. Our buttons, stickers, and window decals all come from this company. We love their products and wouldn't dream of using any other company.