This website is dedicated to Nathan Crowson's story and to raising

awareness of drunk driving consequences.


      The Crescent & Fox family want to partner closely with our communities and make a positive difference. We intend to bring awareness to the consequences of driving under the influence to any group that will open their doors to us.

     We are working towards making CrescentandFox™ a non-profit organization that speaks to children, and the community, about the perils of driving under the influence. We plan to create our own teaching manuals and resources so others can speak to their communities, as well.

     My childhood friend is a safety manager at the oil plants. He already uses our story along with government information to teach his workers in his safety briefings. We plan to do more research and expand on his safety briefings.

      Our future projects include: public speaking, community events, fundraising, and providing educational packages for others to teach. Just five years after Nate’s death and our movement to save lives is underway!