Nate October 2009.

Nathaniel L. C.

      Nate was born September 20, 1981 in Dallas, TX. He was the fourth of five children. March 1986, his family moved to a small town in North Louisiana called Haughton. May 1992, his mother moved with the three youngest children to Baton Rouge, LA.

      Nate was very intelligent but he hated school. January 2, 1996 his mother gave birth to Baby J. Nate dropped out of high school his Freshman year and became instrumental in raising Baby J. Nate eventually got his GED and enrolled in art classes at LSU. He never earned a degree from college.

      Nate was passionate and talented. He believed it was his duty to leave this world better than he found it. He would always champion for the little guy even if that meant putting himself in danger. He was an artist, musician, vegetarian, and bicycle commuter among many other things. Most importantly, Nate was a great father.

      His daughter Katherine A. C., “Kat” was born May 27, 2006. Without a doubt or exaggeration, becoming a father was the most influential moment in his life.  He lived to love his little girl. He was determined to give her the best life he could.

      Nate was killed by a drunk driver on January 21, 2012. Kat was five years old. Nate was an amazing human being and he left an indelible mark on his daughter and this world.

Danny M. and his bunny. 

Daniel C. M.

      January 21, 2012, Danny was riding his bicycle along side his friend Nate when a drunk driver hit them with his car. Nate was killed instantly. Danny’s lower half was crushed and he had to be rushed to the hospital. He spent a week in a coma, and many weeks in the hospital. Danny has many medical problems and limited physical capabilities now. Life will never be the same for Danny. 

Nate's daughter Kat is a minor, therefore, we decided not to post a picture of her.

Katherine A. C.

      Kat was born May 27, 2006. Nathaniel L. C. is her father. He was killed by a drunk driver on January 21, 2012. Kat was five years old.

      Kat is intelligent, passionate and talented. She splits her time staying with her mother A's family and Nate’s family. She spends a lot of time with Nate’s friends and their children, as well. Everyone works hard to give her all the opportunity and positive influence we can muster. She is surrounded by great people that love her very much.

      Like her father, Kat is going to be an amazing human being.